This little box will prevent your kid from texting and crashing

People using cellphones while driving has become an enormous problem, so laws restricting phone use keep getting tougher. This device provides a way to block unsafe phone use in a car, while still allowing authorized methods of communication.

The Scosche CellCONTROL plugs into the car's OBD-II port, (found on all 1996 or newer cars,) and uses Bluetooth to prevent phone use including Internet, phone calls, and texts both incoming and outgoing. It's clever enough to know when the car is in motion, allowing phone use when the vehicle is stationary, and it even knows if you plug in a hands free headset so it can unblock the phone.

Scosche sees the CellCONTROL primarily as a tool for the parents of young drivers, who might otherwise be tempted to read texts as they chime in. Any attempt to disable or simply unplug the box will result in an alert being sent to the designated administrator (i.e. Mom or Dad,) so the kid's stroke of genius to simply unplug the box won't work..

Scosche says the device works with over 1,200 types of phone including Android, BlackBerry and Windows 7. That means every kid who wants a car will also be asking for an iPhone, which doesn't appear to be covered.

The Scosche CellCONTROL is available now for about $130.

Via Autoblog

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