The last zombie gun you'll ever need comes with a real chainsaw

Today we have dozens of instruction manuals, television shows and movies showing us how to actually survive a zombie apocalypse. Thus, the only thing missing is the right equipment, until now.

The DoubleStar Zombie-X AK-47 is a weapon specially customized to battle zombie hordes by attaching a battery-charged chainsaw to the end of the barrel, as well as a EOTech Zombie Stopper XPS2-Z Holographic Sight which puts a biohazard symbol on your target instead of the classic red dot. DoubleStar hasn't announced when or if this will go on sale, but its less fancy DSC Zombie Slayer predecessor sells for $1,249.99, so the Zombie-X is likely to be a bit pricier.

You can see a brief walkthrough of the Zombie-X gun's features in the video below.

Via ArmoryBlog

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