Starship Enterprise table can dock in your living room

This article is dedicated to the man who lost his lovingly created Star Trek pad in his divorce. Hopefully a lovingly hand-crafted, hardwood NCC-1701-C table like this might be ease some of his pain settling into bachelor digs.

The old-school Enterprise table made from cherry, ash and poplar wood was handcrafted by wood artist Barry Shields (yep, his real name!). Taking over a month to create, the table was made without any screws or nails - just wood joints and biscuits. Shields even shaped the glass top to match the lines of the ship.

Out of all the details poured into this project, I personally love the arches he added to give the effect of the Old Girl floating above the floor — or in his words "floating over a planet."

Well done, sir! Well done.

The table's top is 34″ x 54″ and is about 17″ tall; it is for sale in Shields' shop over on Etsy for $3,100 USD.

Being a huge Star Trek fan, I'll admit I spent many hours with my feet up on my parent's coffee table trying to decide whether my favorite episode was "Charlie X," both episodes of "The Menagerie," or "The City on the Edge of Forever" (featuring a fantastic guest spot by Joan Collins by the way).

This table had me at hello and I'd be tempted to buy this table myself if I could afford it. I swear I would never put my feet on it…that would just be wrong.

Barry Shields on Etsy, via Technabob

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