Special ops dream: next-gen camo to be site-specific

The randomized patterns of camouflage tricks the brain into thinking a person or object has blended into its surroundings, and to date we've seen it customized for various seasons or regions. A big problem however is the patterns have never really been created for exact environments. Now, a software design firm has developed a method for making site-specific camouflage

Special Operations Apps, from Wilmington, North Carolina combines actual photos of a location taken by satellites, drones or even on the ground recon, and creates customized terrain specific patterns. The patterns can then be printed directly onto a garment.

Additionally because the patterns are created from photos that have been taken at different focal lengths it inhibits depth perception — making it more challenging for the brain to see the camouflaged surfaces as a single object.

This new camo is perfect for Special Operations units who often have very precise mission specific locales.

The camouflage may even receive a further upgrade, with the software firm applying for a patent on an "adaptive" material consisting of a vinyl substrate, a flexible image display that could adjust to the environment, and thermoelectric panels that could modify the soldier's heat signature.

The only thing missing is personal jet-packs — but someone is probably working on that.

Via PopSci

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