Sony to release PlayStation Portable games for tablets and smartphones

The dream of playing PlayStation games on any device continues as an ESRB listing points to Sony adding PlayStation Portable games to PlayStation Certified devices. Currently, PS-certified devices like the Xperia Play and Tablet P and Tablet S can only play PS1 games.

PlayStation LifeStyle noticed that the ESRB has Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror listed for "PlayStation Certified Devices." Interestingly, other PSP games including Daxter, flOw and Pinball Heroes were also discovered to be listed.

As it stands right now, the library of PS1 games Sony has made available has been on the weak side. A gamer can only play Crash Bandicoot so many times before getting tired of the guy.

When Sony launched the Xperia Play — the "PlayStation Phone" — gamers were expecting a device with at least PSP-quality games. Calling the handheld a disappointment is an understatement.

As with every platform, what matters is the library of content. Without solid games, Sony's hopes of integrating PlayStation into as many tablets and smartphones will never work.

PSP games are a start. But Sony needs to speed up the process and release more games. Syphon Filter can't hold every gamer down.

We're hoping that the new Sony Xperia Ion (AT&T) and Xperia S — both PlayStation certified smartphones will be leading the new PSP push.

Via PlayStation Lifestyle and Joystiq

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