Sony laptop gets the steampunk treatment to the delight of brass lovers

To make room for those light and slender Ultrabooks, it might just be time to let go of the steampunk mods, no? Nahh. John Dunn originally made this steampunk laptop for Sony, but can now be yours.

Made from birch plywood, pine wood, copper and brass, Dunn's steampunk laptop modifies a 16-inch Sony Vaio F, while maintaining its usable ports, backlit keyboard and serviceability.

Strictly speaking, the "eCog Mercury" is really only an exterior mod — a costly one at that. Dunn is selling his steampunk "kit" for $1,250. That's without the Vaio F laptop. You'll have to supply your own computer. The turnaround appears to be about 30 days for Dunn to get the mod all ready and packaged, too.

Sweet as it is, I don't think people make steampunk mods like they used to. The other steampunk laptop we saw last year had a key-shaped USB for that authentic Victorian feel.

Dunn does get points for trying, though.

You can see a video of Dunn's steampunk video here

Etsy, via Technabob and Sony Blog

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