Video: this soda bottle submarine is piloted by a hamster

Here at DVICE, we have a proud tradition of only bringing you stories that matter. Stories about science, about the evolution of technology, and about the future. And it is in the spirit of none of these things that we are proud to present the HPS Hamstar, a hamster-powered submarine.

The HPS Hamstar was created from scratch largely from materials purchased at a local dollar store, which must not have instilled the captain and chief engineer, a hamster by the name of Houdina, with much in the way of confidence. The most expensive bits were the copper BBs used to ballast the fore and aft compartments, and the second most expensive part was the 1 HP engine (that's one hamster-power), which was that same poor little hamster engineer running on a wheel hooked up to a propeller.

Now, I'm not qualified to speculate as to what was going through Houdina's fluffy little head as she became what may have been the first hamster in the history of everythign to pilot a submarine, but I imagine it was either: "I'mrunningonawheel I'mrunningonawheel I'mrunningonawheel" or "WTF?!" See what you think; the video of the second epic voyage (not sure what happened with the first one but let's not go there) is below.

Hamster Submarine, via Geekologie

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