Smartphone charger uses water…MacGuyver would be proud

The PowerTrekk system, introduced to the U.S. at CES, is pocket sized, lightweight charger which relies only on water and a chemical powder called sodium silicide. When the two mix it produces hydrogen gas that powers the fuel cell.

All you wannabe MacGuyvers really want to know how it works, right?

The system utilizes a container in which a hockey-puck like cartridge (dubbed a Powerpukk — get it?) containing the powder is introduced on one-side, and a round tray with an opening on the other where you add about a tablespoon of water to start the chemical reaction.

The charger has a few things going for it. The sodium silicide is non-toxic and releasing only water vapor in addition to the gas. It uses very little water and it can come from salt water or even from puddles providing it isn't too thick.

The Powerpukk cartridges are described as non-corrosive and leak proof, and can be used with fuel cells rating from 1W to 3kW. Plus, given you can buy replacement cartridges allowing a reuse of the charger over and over, the PowerTrekk is green as well.

This funky charger provides about the same amount of power as four AA batteries and delivers around 10 hours of phone battery life. It's expected to hit stores by May or June and could cost $200 to $250 dollars, with replacement cartridges expected to be about $4 dollars.

Swedish firm myFC is the creator of the PowerTrekk charging system, and New York based SiGNa is the creator of the PowerPukk.

Via PhysOrg

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