'Self-healing' smartphone case comes from the auto industry

No one wants a scratched iPhone, so where better to look for a solution to scratches and dings than the auto industry? Nissan has developed a smartphone case prototype called "Scratch Shield" using a mix of a high grade plastic and a paint with a chemical make up that reacts to changes and "heals" scratches.

The high grade ABS Plastic and self-healing polyrotaxane paint combines to create a surface that when scratched or dinged will likely be healed the next day. Nissan developed the technology and deployed it on its Nissan Murano 370Z and X-Trail vehicles and had been looking for ways to extend its use in other markets.

Smartphones seem like a great next step, sharing many things in common with cars - the need for thin, durable protection for highly valued objects that have a high likelihood of getting scratched. The technology allows for the casing to be thin and tight fitting so it won't add bulk and it tactile enough to provide a strong grip. And of course, it is durable enough to hold up to being dropped.

If it's good enough for my car, it is definitely good enough for my phone. So now your phone will be protected and the case will still look stellar!

The Scratch Shield is still just a prototype, as Nissan wants to get feedback from beta testers before going to market and considering other phone designs.

As someone known as "butterfingers," I say sign me up!

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