Scratch-n-sniff technology makes its way into jeans

For those who are laundry averse, this news will be met with glee…a denim company has recently released jeans with scratch-n-sniff technology. They look like the kind of jeans any ordinary hipster would wear with one key difference — the coating of micro capsules that hold a scent. Raspberry scent to be precise.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The dark, slim fit jeans have the micro capsule scent baked onto the surface of the jeans so when scratched the scent is released. Their manufacturer even claims the scent is still going strong after five washes.

Factoring in extensive wearing in between those five washes and you'll be smelling like Strawberry Shortcake's sassy best friend Raspberry Tart for a long time.

These unique jeans come from denim company Naked & Famous Denim, a Canadian firm that uses raw denim manufactured at a traditional mill in Japan. The company prides itself on no-nonsense fabrics (all raspberry scents aside) and modern styling.

The scratch-n-sniff jeans are available for around $200 USD.

After coming across these jeans I'm left with two questions. First, when are they going to partner with the Old Spice guy on a manly man scent? That would sell right?

Secondly, and most importantly in my mind, when are they going to create these jeans for girls? It's not that I mind men smelling like raspberries, it's just that I want in on that action.

Via Gizmodo

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