Say it isn't so! That amazing Star Trek apartment gets the axe

In what's probably the most fully realized nerd cave ever, Britain's Tony Alleyne turned his one-bedroom apartment into an insanely detailed recreation of the bridge of the Starship Voyager, after he and his wife split up in 1999. Well, apparently she's the one who owns the apartment, and she's asking him to retire and dismantle his beloved command and all its Star Trek goodness.

Since Alleyne can't very well beam his creation a new location, the neutral zone it's apparently existed in is no more as Georgina, his ex, is looking to sell the space and sell it as a regular apartment. That begs the question, would it really sell more as a "conventional property," as she puts it? There's got to be some well-to-do fan out there who'd dig the Trek digs.

Alleyne estimates that it would cost him over $150,000 to build it all over again according to The Sun, as the apartment had everything from faithfully done-up LCARS panels to glowing transporter pads. Even the commode is down up in Star Trek style. All looks lost, but we still have our memories — and the lovely pictures of the space in the gallery below.

The Sun, via TDW Geeks

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