Rumor: two new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets coming out this year

Last year was not a great year for RIM. Having launched its PlayBook tablet to lukewarm reviews and not having native email and calendar apps baked in, RIM is rumored to be dropping a new 10-inch PlayBook and another revamped 7-inch PlayBook.

According to N4BB, the key difference for 2012's PlayBooks will be cellular connectivity. Whereas the PlayBook was only released with Wi-Fi, the 10-inch PlayBook will reportedly make room for 4G LTE with a December release and the 7-inch will be a 3G tablet pegged for April.

PlayBook OS 2.0 should also arrive next month as a free update to all existing PlayBook customers. It took about a whole year, but native email, contacts and calendar apps will be included in OS 2.0.

Writing off $485 million for unsold and discounted PlayBook tablets wasn't a move RIM wanted to take last year, but it really had no choice.

Between tablets like the iPad 2, Galaxy Tab (8.9/10.1) and Kindle Fire, the PlayBook just couldn't keep up. The hardware was fine, it's just that the choice of apps were seriously weak. And targeting the business-savvy BlackBerry crowd without any PIM native PIM features (unless you tethered a BlackBerry smartphone) was just a big error.

A 10-inch PlayBook sounds delightful, so long as those touch sensitive bezels are still included.

N4BB, via BGR

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