Rumor: PlayStation 4 and next-gen Xbox will be shown at E3

Three new game consoles to be shown off in one sweat-packed convention center in Los Angeles in early June? That's what MCV's telling everybody. The U.K.-based computer and video game source says that Sony and Microsoft will both show off successors to the PS3 and Xbox 360 alongside Nintendo's Wii U.

To dive right in, MCV's Michael French writes the next-gen consoles will be shown off at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this June.

"It will mark the very first time in the show's 17-year history that three fresh, rival console formats will be so directly comparable."

French says he doesn't expect pricing to be announced for either of Sony and Microsoft's new consoles.

A release this year can probably be ruled out as well, if the companies are only ready to show off an inkling of what they're working on. It usually takes a year or so for consoles to launch after being announced.

The PS4 and next Xbox unveil at E3 will join Nintendo's re-unveiling of the final hardware design for its Wii U console.

How reliable is MCV's source? Eurogamer dug up a little tidbit from MCV's online editor Ben Parfitt's Twitter in which he backed French up:

"Obviously we can't reveal our sources. But you have my personal word on this - the source is exemplary, 100% concrete, ultra high level."

And just like that, the next-gen fire is reignited.


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