RIM creates kiddy superhero campaign to win over BlackBerry fans

What do you do when your company got kicked around by Android and iOS (poor PlayBook), and your ex co-CEOs were essentially forced to step down? If your company name is RIM and you make BlackBerrys and target the enterprise market, you obviously hire a graphic artist to create four superhero boppers and call them "The Bold Team."

When most people think RIM, they think business. Not superheroes. Especially not ones that look like little kids. Meet Gogo Girl: The Achiever, Max Stone: The Adventurer, Justin Steele: The Advocate, and Trudy Foreal: The Authentic.

Interested yet?

As part of RIM's #BeBold Twitter campaign, the company posed the question of how you would "be bold" in 2012. Somehow, this is what they came up with:


Needless to say, the reaction across the Web seems to be that RIM is completely doomed. Not even a new CEO can save it, if its marketing team thinks The Bold Team will help the company live it up with the young and the restless. Somebody, stop letting RIM's employees watch Cartoon Network. Stoppp!

One BGR reader put it best with a simple pictorial comment:


Indeed man, indeeeeed.

RIM Blogs, via BGR

Image credit for Captain Picard via here.

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