Nearly indestructible Philips Tread earbuds take a cue from Wolverine

No, these Philips' Tread earphones aren't made on Krypton, but they may as well be. Like the old Timex commercial used to say, they take a licking and keep on ticking, or playing, or whatever headphones do.

Designed for extreme sporters, the "treadproof" metal housing in the earbuds can withstand an impact — like you stepping on them or landing on them in your back pocket after you wipe out, for instance — of up to 300 pounds.

To further minimize the damage from inadvertent violence done to them in my imagination, I wake myself up and ponder the earbud metal housing that easily withstood my booth guide's continually stomping of them, their tangle-free Kevlar reinforced cables and cable connectors ability to resist stretching.

You can buy them as straight earbuds ($40), available in either red, blue, back and white, or with built-in universal in-line mic/volume controls for both Apple and Android ($50).

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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