Optical turntables let you mix it up using beams of light

Creating your own music mix from multiple records is a real art, especially when you have to deal with those pesky fragile needles. The Soundmachines turntables gets rid of all that fiddly stuff, replacing the needles with special light sensor cartridges.

Of course there's a catch, and in this case it's that you don't get to play your regular records. Instead, the Soundmachine plays special optical "records" that have different sounds depending on where you position the light cartridge. One of the three turntables controls the bass line, the second one has other percussion sounds, while the third "record" has slow moody tones. The DJ can mix them to create their own beats on the fly.

Created by a German design studio called The Product, the Soundmachines were developed for Volkswagen's new Beetle launch in Berlin. While the results seem to be more about style than actual music making, the cool factor is hard to deny.

If you really do want to play records with a beam of light, there is a product which can do that.

Creative Applications, via Gizmodo

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