One step closer to a replicator: MakerBot's 3D-printed playsets

The notion I find most seductive when it comes to 3D printing is its parallels to digital distribution. If I want something, I can find it on the Internet and zap it right into the home — my 3D printer will whip it up. We're not there yet, but we've got a little peek of that future through MakerBot Playsets.

The beauty of a project such as the MakerBot Playsets is that a couple of super skilled designers can create something that everyone can enjoy. Sadly, since 3D printers are a little more expensive than toasters — though they're definitely getting more and more affordable — said "everyone" is still a pretty small group.

Still, you can't help but love the work done here. The mastermind of the playset is Michael "Skimbal" Curry, whose work we've showed off before, with help from other designers around the Thingiverse, MakerBot's 3D printing community hub. Curry can crank out the framework and a few models, and then others can come in and fill, say, a doll-sized television or egg-shaped chair.

The work of Curry and his Thingiverse compatriots is awesome indeed, but come the day there's a 3D printer in every home, it could be revolutionary.

MakerBot, via BoingBoing

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