Oily 'Spider-Man' stalks Malaysian town; citizens armed with machetes

The neighborhood of Kampung Laksamana has mobilized for a community watch. What are they on watch for? The legendary orang minyak — the "oily man." He's a supernatural creature known for some signature moves; dressing in his underwear and coating himself with thick black grease to slip away in the night. Since this monster stalks young girls you can see why the town might be on edge.

The orang minyak has been whispered about in Malaysia for years. He is reported to be a human black magic practitioner who must rape virgins to increase his evil powers. According to the Malaysian newspaper The Star, not one, but two minyaks have begun to terrorize the Kampung district over the Christmas holidays, with numerous eyewitnesses.

One witness told The Star, "It was crawling up the stairs of the house, just like Spiderman. When it reached the top it suddenly jumped onto the roof. I don't think a human could do that. It then just disappeared," he says, adding with a slight shudder, "The hair on my hands just stood up. We can laugh and joke about it, but this is serious. All the families here have young girls." One family was reportedly the victim of so much supernatural stalking they moved from the village.

This is not the first time the "mythical" beast has caused havoc in the region. There were reports of the orang minyak appearing in 2009, and mass panic just last August in Sri Lanka where "grease devils were hunted by mobs.

In fact, the creature is so famous he has been immortalized in film — in a 1958's Sumpah Orang Minyak and 1976's The Oily Maniac (video below). The movies suggest a shape shifter who spews oil to neutralize attackers and when struck can revert to a pool of oil, slide away and re-form just like a Terminator. It might have been box office gold, but when the beast is in your backyard that's another thing.

Okay, we may think the story of the orang minyak is a bit hard to swallow. Before we look down on Malaysia's myths lets remember the United States has loads of monsters lurking around. We've got Bigfoot, The Jersey Devil, the Chupacabra and the notoriously angry Lizard Man of North Carolina to name just a few. All of our beasts have a mean streak — terrorizing young couples looking for love, bleeding goats dry or attacking people on dark Carolina roads. Who are we to judge?

While the orang minyak does sound a bit like a human perv doused with excess motor oil, whatever it is would do well to be warned: the townspeople have been sufficiently scared enough to start patrolling the streets with machetes and axes to take care of their pest problem — whether it is human or supernatural.

Is this real life orang minyak smart enough to avoid a mob or like his big screen portrayer will he comes out swinging?

The Star, via io9

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