Next Xbox to be six times more powerful than 360, arrive in 2013

Building on what little we already know about the Xbox 360's successor, IGN claims that Microsoft's next game console will be six times more powerful than the current gen and will best out this year's Wii U by 20 percent.

According to IGN, the next Xbox will have a graphics card that's "akin to the [AMD] Radeon HD 6670, which offers support for DirectX11, multi display output, 3D and 1080p HD output."

Current Xbox 360s uses ATI (now owned by AMD) graphic chips and the PlayStation 3 uses a custom Nvidia chip. In comparison, Nintendo's Wii U graphics is said to be very similar the Xbox 360's.

Previous rumors pointed to the next Xbox being powered by mobile processors, running a modified Windows 9 and codenamed "Loop."

Additionally, a recent Microsoft patent unveils the next Xbox might gain DVR capabilities that would let users record not just movies and TV shows, but also their gaming sessions.

IGN's report also indicates the next-gen Xbox won't launch until October or November of 2013, which is in line with what what we've heard multiple times before.

Microsoft is expected to show off the next Xbox in some form at this June's Electronic Entertainment Expo, so as to give developers enough time to work with dev kits.

Graphics is one thing, but gameplay is another. Nintendo won the current-generation with its motion sensing Wii Remote controls and plans to disrupt the gaming sector again with its tablet-like controller. Will an Xbox with six times the graphic power be enough to survive the next five to seven years? Or will it be obsolete, as console-sized gaming PCs like Alienware's X51 start becoming the norm?


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