Next gen iPhones and iPads to be waterproof with HzO nano tech?

At CES, we spotted Liquipel's nano technology that completely coats iPhones with a waterproof layer. Looks like HzO, a competitor that does the exact same thing managed to pique Apple's interest at the show.

According to Pocket-lint, HzO claims that the company managed to show off its waterproof technology to Samsung and impress its Chairman.

Not only that, but it's supposedly managed to interest Apple. Speaking to Pocket-lint, HzO says:

"We expect HzO to be in next season's phones."

Whether than means the iPhone 5, 5S or 6 is still up in the air. Having seen the tech with my own eyes (you can see a video of Liquipel's similar tech here., I will say that I'm all for the waterproof coating. I hate carrying a case, but I want to have waterproof gear.

HzO and Liquipel seem to be mighty fine solutions to ending chunky waterproof cases.

There were rumors that Apple had over 250 "spies" walking around CES looking out for emerging tech. I didn't see Greg Joswiak, as some others claimed, but I did overhear somebody claim they're from Apple over by Samsung's Super OLED TVs, so it's not unthinkable.

I was planning to just send in my next smartphone and have it treated (my iPhone 4 is all scratched up, so no point now), but if Apple manages to license HzO or Liquipel's tech, it'll save me at least $60.

I'd take waterproofed iPhones over Siri any day.

Pocket-lint, via Cult of Mac

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