Neo Geo returns in pocketable form with 20 bundled games

Have fun playing your Nintendo 3DS or , because none of those handhelds comes with 20 pre-loaded classic Neo Geo games like Metal Slug or King of Fighters '94 or a 2GB of internal storage. SNK's reviving the Neo Geo as a handheld once again.

Boasting a 4.3-inch screen (same size as a PlayStation Portable), one Circle Pad-like D-pad, four face buttons, four shoulder buttons (wow!), an SD card slot and an audio/video out port, the tentatively titled "Neo Geo Portable Device" actually doesn't look too bad &8212; on paper.

Andriasang's got the full list of games that will be built-in to the Neo Geo Portable Device (all games will be English). No word on whether you'll be able to download more games to the internal storage or if the SD card.


The last time a Neo Geo was released, it was the Neo Geo Pocket Color in 1999. One of the things gamers loved about the NGPC was that its D-pad was more akin to that of an analog and it had a low price of $70.

SNK's mum on details regarding pricing and release, but the handheld should sell for considerably less than a 3DS or PS Vita. And because it's probably not going to run PS3-quality games or do glasses-free 3D, the Neo Geo Portable Device should have a battery that's hopefully better than both Sony and Nintendo's handhelds.

Famicom Plaza, via Andriasang

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