Monster lets you slay vampire power from anywhere in the world

Admit it. You leave all your electronics gear on standby. Your PC is in sleep, but it's on all the time. Likewise your HDTV, your A/V receiver, your cable box. I know because mine are all on standby, and yet here at the world's tech mecca is a solution that would have allowed me to kill my power strips and what have you all the way across the country.

According to Monster (no more "Cable" in the name) this continual standby/not-off condition is costing you more than $200 a year. Add all of our standby/not-offs and that's a lot of power going to waste.

Monster's solution is simply this: make it easy — even fun — to shut down all your gear and actually show much money you can save doing it.

You plug the Monster Power Center into a power outlet. Now plug your gear into the Power Center outlet. Download the Power Center app for your smartphone.

If you're within 100 feet of the Power Center, you can manipulate or turn on or off what's jacked into it remotely via the app thanks to a wireless connection between the Power Center and your smartphone or tablet. In other words, you could turn something off from your couch, or quickly shut down all your vampiric tech right before you run out the door all at once.

If you buy an Ethernet Power Center "gateway" — really the way to go here as far as we can tell — your Power Center is connected to the Internet and you can turn gear on of off and monitor your watts usage and money savings from the smartphone app or via the Internet. Leave for a week and forget to turn off this or that? No problem — and it's even handy just to check if you did.

Power Center will be available in March in four varieties:

  • a single-socket Power Center that just allows you to monitor its watt usage - no control ($59.95)
  • a single-socket Power Center with both monitor and control capabilities ($69.95)
  • a three-socket Power Center in which one outlet offers both control and monitoring, and two can only be monitored ($119.95)
  • a three-socket Power Center bundled with the gateway ($149.95), which gives you control from anywhere in the world over the Internet.

The system can support at least 30 Power Centers, although that'd probably set you back more than any potential energy cost saving.

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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