Meet the new toaster made of cement blocks and rebar

Have you ever tried to fix a broken toaster? Likely not. For a small appliance they are deceivingly complicated little machines, and if they end up in the garbage that's not very Earth friendly. So, Adi Zaffran decided to take it back to basics and make a toaster that operated with just five items — including cement blocks and rebar.

The resulting design is minimalist elegant. In addition to the cement block and rebar, the toaster uses wood, a wire and fasteners. That is pretty simple.

It turns out Zaffran's love of an elemental staple, pita bread, inspired him to make this very elemental toaster oven. Take out the rebar and wire and you could imagine it in another time and place.

While Zaffran's site isn't clear how the rebar gets to the point where it can toast a pita, presumably it is via electricity.

Whatever the case is, it wins points for looking good, being simple and using materials that can be reclaimed from readily available materials.

If it can make my elemental staple, pizza, I might just head to my nearest construction site and see what I can scare up!

FastCoDesign, via Gizmodo

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