Mad Catz lets you cheat, use an Xbox for PS3 (and vice versa)

What does a controller look like when you design for folks who are going to really beat the hell out of it? Mad Catz made this controller to be used by players who attend Major League Gaming events, and that means that this thing has more more moving parts than a Transformer.

By way of the magic of magnets, you can pop out the joystick, direction pad, and even three different areas of the face of the controller to change both how it looks and how it plays. That also facilitates something your average gamer probably wouldn't consider: maintenance. If you just spent a week playing Halo 24/7 and snapped a joystick in half, you could just buy a joystick module from Mad Catz instead of a whole new controller.

Mad Catz also made the controller cord detachable, which means this thing isn't wireless. That's a bummer, but MLG rules demand the players use wired controllers, and having a detachable cord means yours won't get damaged by wrapping it around the controller for storage.

The other benefit here: if you prefer the feel of the Xbox 360's joysticks compared to the PlayStation 3's, you can just swap them out. Same with the D-pad. The magnetic faceplates can be taken off and customized to your heart's content (spray painting them, for instance) and Mad Catz plans to have more options down the line.

The MLG Pro Circuit Controller Watch Mad Catz's Michael Greco strip down this controller like a field rifle in the video below.

Via Mad Catz

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. All photos by Kevin Hall for DVICE; video by Raymond Wong.

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