Mad Catz lets you bolt two FightSticks together, just like the old days

Come March, fans of fighting games are getting treated to quite the epic showdown in Street Fighter X Tekken, which will pit the two venerable franchises against one another. To celebrate, Mad Catz is rolling out a special edition of its FightStick line, and unlike the characters, you can get two sticks to play nice together.

Why would you ever want to bolt two of these large, unwieldy V.S. FightSticks together? It's not so you can easily crush both of your thighs at once. Having two adjoined gamepads better simulates the experience of playing shoulder-to-shoulder in front of a proper arcade cabinet, and if that doesn't sound like a good time to you then you and I must come from different planets.

It's also a clear sign of Mad Catz knowing its target audience. Bolting two V.S. FightSticks together for no real gain probably won't cross any fighting fan's mind as a hassle. They'll probably just have the same knee-jerk reaction I had and think cooooool.

Now to break your heart with the price: $200, comes out around the time of the game. You can read about the specs here.

Via Mad Catz

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. All photos by Kevin Hall for DVICE.

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