Likebelt lets you update Facebook with some pelvic thrusting

If you like to update your Facebook wall on a minute by minute basis, whipping out your phone to like things or check in when you go somewhere can be a real pain. The LikeBelt makes the process easier by allowing you to post updates automatically with a few pelvic thrusts.

The LikeBelt concept uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to connect with NFC contact points on everything from businesses to people, sending out an update automatically once you get close enough. The only problem is that "close enough" usually means within about two inches, making you thrust your hips forward in the appropriate direction.

For this crazy concept to really work, those NFC contact points are going to have to get much more popular. Currently they're used mostly for Google Wallet transactions, and even then you need to have an NFC capable Android phone. LikeBelt developer Nathan Martin says that the real breakthrough would be if the iPhone eventually gets NFC.

Until then, be careful what you decide to thrust towards. Inappropriate thrusting could get you into real trouble, and good luck trying to explain that you were just updating your Facebook.

Currently the LikeBelt is not a commercial product, but DeepLocal has open source instructions on the LikeBelt website that shows how you can build your own.

LikeBelt, via Wired Gadget Lab

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