LCD-equipped 'smart recycle bins' showing up on London streets

The "smart-ification" of everything needs to stop. It was fun with smartphones, smart TVs, but now everything with an LCD is being dubbed "smart." Even these new recycling bins in London. LCDs on trash trash receptacles. I'm so psyched!.

Here's an idea. To get people more interested in recycling, keep Londoners feeling safe from potential explosives, and update them on the news, let's slap two large LCDs to a recycle bin and call it "smart."

The gadget: bomb-proof recycle bins with dual-screen LCDs.

The info on the screens: Stuff only business folk would enjoy, like London stock exchange numbers and content from The Economist.

The total cost to install: About $47,000 for 25 smart bins.

The future: London wants to install 75 more of these high-tech trash cans by before the 2012 London Olympics. Since the bins have built-in Wi-Fi, the next step is for them to be hotspots. Now we can all worry about our garbage cans emitting radiation!

It doesn't appear that these screens are touchscreens, but who'd be caught tapping a dirty public bin anyway?

The bins are expected to start making their way to New York, Singapore and Tokyo's financial districts soon.

Okay gang, let's all congregate by the recycling bins at Cannon Street after work!

I think I'd take free Wi-Fi vending machines over Wi-Fi garbage cans any day.

Daily Mail, via Architizer

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