Jet-powered aquatic space fighter designed to take on pirates

It'll be a bad day to be a pirate if Juliet Marine finds any takers for their "Ghost" high-speed attack boat. It's got jet engines, a heavy weapons payload, and it can somehow raise itself up out of the water to pounce on unwary buccaneers.

Ghost was designed from the water up to zip around shallow coastlines at high speed, taking on pirates in a commerce and fleet protection role. It's powered by high-performance jet engines and has "supercavitating technology," which refers to the use of air bubbles to reduce hull friction to enable faster, more efficient cruising. And apparently, it can lift itself up on its wings or pontoons or whatever you want to call them and get its hull entirely out of the water to navigate in extreme shallows.

As far as weaponry goes, Ghost can hold several thousand pounds worth of whatever evilness you can imagine hidden inside concealed weapons bays to reduce its radar cross-section. This includes everything from Gatling guns to full-blown Mark 48 torpedoes, and perhaps even those lasers you've always wanted.

Juliet is doing their own thing here, which means that this isn't a U.S. Navy craft yet. It also means that Ghost is up for grabs by just about anyone who wants one (and can afford it), including those of you who might be in the market for a new freaky-looking high-speed yacht. Torpedoes are, as per usual, sold separately.

Juliet Marine, via Danger Room

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