It's a light bulb. It's a speaker. It's AudioBulb.

Want to fool your friends? Screw one of these light bulbs into a lamp, connect your iPhone to the dock, hit play and watch everyone try and figure out where the music is coming from.

That's right, the light bulb is actually a wireless speaker. The AudioBulb from GiiNii is an LED lamp, which theoretically will live longer than you, mounted atop a speaker, which gets power when you screw it into a lamp. Your music is wirelessly transmitted over 2.4 GHz from the iPhone dock.

The idea sounds goofy, but the speakers actually sound, well, enlightened? Bright? Illuminating? (Or some other synonym of "good" that can serve as a pun for "light bulb.")

The basic kit contains two bulbs (60-watt equivalent), the dock and a remote for $300. You can buy mini-bulbs — 35-watt equivalent — or full-size bulbs separately for $90 and $100 each, respectively, and a wireless subwoofer for the system runs you $200.

You can create an AudioBulb music system with up to eight bulbs, which can be split and independently controlled in two zones — dim the lights and blast the music of the AudioBulbs in the kitchen; turn off the lights and dim the music in the bedroom. After that, you're on your own.

Via GiiNii

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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