Riddle of the day: how to carry two million people on one Porsche

Porsche is one of the popular kids on Facebook. They have just reached over two million likes on their Facebook page and have created a special Cayman S in appreciation. Each one of those fans has their profile picture placed in an intricate photo mosaic on the special edition car.

Let's face it. This car is not a pretty sight. But it is a great publicity stunt.

Not only did they get the two million likes in the first place, now people will be pouring over photos of that car like crazy to find their picture. In today's Facebook world a "Yo, look at me on a Porsche!" share can be seen in countless timelines by your friends, and your friends' friends, as it passes through the social sphere.

That is branding and product marketing gold for Porsche.

The special Cayman S Porsche will be on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart until January 27, 2012. For those fans who can't make it to the museum Porsche has been clever enough to create a special section of their website so those interested in finding their shot.

Happy hunting!

Ubergizmo, via OhGizmo

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