Is your cupcake TSA compliant? We're not kidding

The TSA caused an uproar recently when it confiscated what is known as a "cupcake in a jar." Stick with me now as this is where the story gets funky: according to the TSA it has nothing against cupcakes in general, just this special cupcake stuffed into a jar. In this format it violated to three-ounce limit for carry on liquids or gels.

Ok, so it sounds crazy but a look at the jar and you can kind of see where they were coming from. There could have been anything in that jar hiding behind the chocolate and peanut butter, and if I've got to give up my toothpaste then dear citizen, you've got to give up your cupcake in a jar.

Fortunately now there is a solution to the cupcake/TSA controversy.

In response to the controversy a clever bakery in Rhode Island has created what it dubs as a "TSA compliant cupcake." The Silver Spoon Bakery provides a more traditional looking take on a cupcake with exactly three ounces of icing (the offending "gel") and a clear baggy to whiz it through screening.

Even better? The $4 cupcake comes with its own boarding pass and a picture of former President Nixon verifying, "I am not a gel."

This is the kind of security I can get behind.

TechDirt, via Geekosystem

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