'BreathalEyes' app tells you when you're too drunk to drive

There's been a lot of talk about driving drunk on here, and now there's a new way to avoid it! Since, it seems people are more apt to listen to an app than they are to another person, it's probably a good thing that there's now an iPhone app that tells you if you're too drunk to drive.

BreathalEyes is an amazing usage of the iPhone that utilizes the phone's camera to record a person's Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. For anyone who is oddly unfamiliar with the HGN, it's a condition in which the eye twitches when a person looks to his periphery and attempts to hold his gaze.

When police shine the light in the your eyes and make you look back and forth, this is one of the things they're searching for, as the condition is caused by alcohol. Additionally, if you're suffering from HGN, you'll have no idea. It doesn't feel like anything, another reason this app might come in handy.

It's touted for "entertainment purposes," but it was found to be effective from at .02 to .18 percent (+/- .02), which isn't great if you're a police officer but is pretty great if you're being a drunk idiot and are convinced that the fifth gin giblet didn't really push you over the edge.

Nice to see apps with positive purposes, but I do wonder this: if you're drunk enough to want to drive when you shouldn't, will you actually use the app?

Only time will tell. And Android users will get to discover for themselves later this year. Check out the video below for more.

Via Discovery News

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