Inside a big bang: walking through a 3D exhibit of an explosion

Chinese sculptor Zhan Wang has created a sculpture and video installation that takes the visitor inside what he calls My Personal Universe. It is his conceptualization of the chaos that may have existed at the moment of the big bang, theorized to have created our universe.

The exhibition, appearing at Beijing's Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, involved extensive production to create as real an experience as possible. Wang exploded a giant boulder outside of the suburbs of Shandong, using six high-definition video cameras shooting at 2,000 frames per second and in six different locations to capture the explosion from every angle.

The result was a three-minute video that showing the explosion from start to finish. Examining the videos allowed Wang to create over 5,000 realistic renderings of exploding rock out of mirrored stainless steel.

The stainless steel rocks are suspended from the ceiling and reflect what it would be like to wander through the explosion as it happened. The various video recordings of the explosion are projected on the walls creating an immersive multimedia experience.

Wang's exhibit is appearing at the Ullens Center through February 26, 2012 and is detailed further on his site., via Gizmodo AU

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