If a Dreamcast 2 was ever made, it'd look like this

Sure, we scoff at the idea of triangular gadgets, but in an alternate universe, every iPhone, Xbox, PlayStation and Android would have three primary corners. This concept design for a Dreamcast 2 looks stunning as a triangle!

Industrial design student Elie Ahovi didn't just pull some design out of his hat and call it a day. Created for a school design project, Ahovi actually put thought into this concept; taking elements from the Dreamcast's identity and incorporating them into a new modern design that's refreshing, but still grounded in the realm of reality.

The final product is the "Dreamcast Delta." Recognizing the growing ubiquitousness of smartphones and tablets, Ahovi decided the Dreamcast Delta didn't need controllers because of their high costs. Games are played with virtually any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry).

To accommodate the use of smartphones and tablets as controllers, the top surface of the Delta doubles as an inductive charger for cable-free re-juicing.

Ahovi's living in an idealistic gaming world, where all competitors would play nice with one another — synchronizing devices in harmony. We wish it wasn't a dream.

For those gamers who loved their Dreamcast and wish Sega would re-enter the hardware market again, you'll probably have to keep dreaming, as it would be extremely tough for a Dreamcast 2 to emerge with the fierce competition from Xbox, PlayStation and Wii brands.

The closest thing you'll have to playing Dreamcast games with an iPhone or iPad is reliving the newly released Soul Calibur. It's $12 (a bit pricey), doesn't have any multiplayer, and its controls probably can't hold a candle to a real controller with buttons, but it's a Dreamcast game on a smartphone!

Via Behance

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