Controller-mounted Hot Pocket dispenser: eat and game at once

That Ben Heck, he's always finding ways to make gamers lazier more productive while sitting in front of the TV. Heck's "Hot Pocket Dispenser" solves the conundrum of eating and gaming. Now, you'll never have to pause your game to eat that Hot Pocket. Die zombies, die!

Even during a game of Call of Duty or Skyrim, a gamer's got to eat. But when you're so engrossed into the game, minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days, until you've forgotten to put anything into that tummy.

Luckily, Heck's Hot Pocket Dispenser keeps a Hot Pocket handy. After trying to use a motorized design, Heck decided to go with a mechanical solution that would extrude a Hot Pocket, even when you're at the end of finishing it up.

But you still need to press more buttons! Oh, be quiet, you sloth.

Heck, we solute you — again. Where would we all be without all those awesome console laptop mods and crazy Portal T-shirt? In a corner, crying, eyes balling with rivers of tears flowing out, that's where. Love you man!

Revision 3, via G4

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