GPS tracking for grave sites lets you keep track of the departed

I can't help but look at this latest device as yet another thinly veiled attempt to hedge our bets against the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Believe or not, a company has reportedly started selling GPS satellite tracking devices for the dead.

A UK news story claims that a burial service in Indiana is selling a package called the iGrave, consisting of battery-powered GPS tracking disks and an accompanying receiver so you can always easily find your deceased loved one. Although some reports say the package is being sold by Hippensteel funeral service, there's no mention of the package on their website. Nevertheless, the iGrave seems like a good idea.

But let's get back to the zombies... Really, what better way to track any possible undead movements than by slapping a GPS tracker on them? But just imagine being the guy watching the screen when suddenly one of those GPS dots starts moving...scary.

Via UK DailyMail

Satellite image by NOAA

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