GloSpex light-up shades come from an alternate cyberpunk reality

This picture isn't really communicating the greatness that's going on here (there's a video inside for that), but here's the gist: Kevin Donahue is an inventor who has patented a "one-way see-through illumination" system. Read: these shades light up like something out of a cyberpunk wet dream without blinding you.

There's a brief explanation of the technology in the video below, but there's also this patent under Donahue's name. What it boils down to is a system that emits light onto a "sheet of optical material mounted to the frame structure" using a line that's two-thousandths-of-an-inch thick. According to Donahue, it's "like looking through a fine mesh screen," but you aren't going to see pixels, for instance. Future plans for the lit specs could include the ability to apply them to prescription lenses, and even upscaling the idea, such as making them into glowing windows for a home.

Sadly, it doesn't look like GloSpex are going to be produced yet — Donahue's Kickstarter project is nearly $36,000 short of its $40,000 goal with just a little more than 30 hours left to go as of this posting.

That said, he has pledged to make them a reality one way or another in updates on his Kickstarter page, saying "super strong demand for GloSpex from the electronic music market indicates we will see significant sales-based funding this spring," and that "[this] means even if we fail to reach our target, we will make sure all our Kickstarter backers get their GloSpex the moment they are available."

So, Daft Punk and Lady Gaga get them first, then it's our turn.

Via GloSpex on Kickstarter

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