Giant poster of you riding a T. rex is what you've always wanted

How do I know that this poster is what you've always wanted? Because it's what everybody has always wanted. Girls, boys, kids, adults, it just doesn't matter: nothing could ever be as awesome as riding on the back of a realistically fearsome tyrannosaurus rex.

Okay, so maybe it's just a photoshop. But it's a damn good photoshop. It's a photoshop on an anatomically correct and extremely detailed rendition of a tyrannosaurs rex being ridden by you. You provide the picture of yourself riding a bar stool, and will seamlessly stick you on the back of this beast and send you a three foot-wide print on archival quality paper for you to mount above your fireplace and gaze upon in awe.

If a T. rex isn't your thing, you should probably see a doctor, but in the meantime, Dinoprints also offers woolly mammoth and spinosaur mounts. A big hairy elephant probably isn't going to strike fear into the hearts of anyone, but the spinosaur is admittedly pretty cool:


I'll bet rear-ending someone on that thing is probably painful.

Each print will run you $50, which isn't that much considering what it costs to make a high quality print that's three feet across. I'm just wondering how much extra would it cost me to send you a picture of me sprawling in the ground screaming and have you photoshop it into that T. rex's mouth.

Oh, and I suppose there is one thing that's cooler than riding on the back of a T. rex: riding on the back of a T. rex with lasers:


Dinoprints, via Geekologie

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