Gallery: World's newest subway is as clean as a newborn

Ah, you've got to love that new subway smell. Or, at least, the lack on an old subway smell. Seen here is the Almaty Metro in Kazakhstan, which is currently being hailed as the youngest metro in the world. Since it was completed in December, we're guessing it still is, and boy is it fancy.

According to English Russia, which hunted down this fine collection of pictures:

It is just one month old and it took them 23 years to build it. It is 8.5 km long and people use it more as an attraction. We are going to explore the Almaty Metro, Kazakhstan… The Almaty Metro opened on December 1st, 2011. Construction works began in the Soviet time in 1988 but after the fall of the USSR, the construction was frozen to be resumed in 2005.

What can you expect in a fresh subway station? Well, plastic tokens as currency to ride, high-tech solutions to help wheelchairs get around, vintage light fixtures, video screens showing rockets lifting off, folk art murals and more. It's all in the gallery below.

English Russia, via Gizmodo

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