Gallery: go inside giant silos that stack new cars sky-high

A factory tour is always a popular tourist attraction. The team at the Volkswagen Group take it to a new level with the Autostadt — an attraction adjacent to their factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. While there's a lot to see, the major wow factor comes in with a peek at the two 200 foot tall glass silos that store new Volkswagens.

The silos are connected to the factory via a 2,300 foot long tunnel. When cars are finished at the factory they head for the silo and are lifted to their spot in the silo at an incredible 5 feet per second.

Why the silo? It's undeniably cool and a marvel of efficiency, but it also has a real function. In certain European countries, customers have the option to have their car delivered to their dealer or picking it up from the famous Autostadt silos. In addition to getting the VIP treatment through all the exhibits at the factory attraction they get to watch their car being plucked from its perch and retrieved via the elevator.

That means these customers take delivery of cars that have odometers set at zero — never having traveled a mile. Its journey to the customer's hands has been entirely automated.

The plans for the Autostadt show an eventual six towers. Other attractions include the factory tour, an exhibit on the evolution of roads, a view of the world's largest glass doors and a view of the world's longest printed line. The four mile long line starts outside Wolfsburg, winds through the Autostadt and ends at a point on a farm.

The Autostadt certainly sounds jam packed with fun, but after one look at the incredible photos of the inside of the silo it seems like if you are ever in Wolfsburg, that would be the best place to start your tour.

Via ThatsLikeWhoa

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