File sharing: it's a religion, at least in Sweden

File sharing might feel like a religion for you, but in Sweden, it's now a church that has been formally recognized by the government. Copy and Distribute!

I can't tell you exactly what it takes to get approved as an official religion in Sweden, but The Church of Kopimism has just somehow managed to qualify after several years of being rejected by the Swedish government. Apparently, thousands of Swedes feel that copying files is a sacred act, and they've come together to form a religious organization to protect their copy-based belief system.

Kopimism, which currently has 3,000 registered members, believes that the free copying and dissemination of information is inherently right and good, and anything that prevents such freedoms are therefore impinging on their religious faith. Now, just because Kopimism is an official religion doesn't mean that any Swede who's a member can start pirating stuff with impunity, but the Kopimist church does hope that their beliefs will be taken in to account when future political policies are developed.

If Kopimism calls to you, simply download their logo (a pyramid with the letter K in it), which is the rite of membership. Start treating Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V as sacred symbols, and repeat the following mantra:

Copy and Distribute!
Copy and Distribute!
Copy and Distribute!

Church of Kopimism, via TorrentFreak

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