Ferrari headphones fill your head with high-speed sound

These days it seems like just about every celebrity has their own signature line of headphones, so why not a car company like Ferrari? After all, aficionados of the brand will tell you that a Ferrari engine makes its own kind of beautiful music.

A British company called Logic3 has decided to fill this niche, with a full line of headphones and speaker docks carrying the prancing horse brand.

The headphones are split into two lines, the Cavallino Collection which carries the luxurious style of Ferrari's road going GT cars, and the Scuderia Collection patterned after the F1 racing team. What's not clear is whether there are any performance differences between the two lines, or if the variations are limited to the basic look and feel of the products.

In case you're wondering if Logic3 simply bought the rights to slap Ferrari logos on their stuff, a line from their website claims "The Ferrari team has worked closely with Logic3 at every stage of the design and development process to ensure that Ferrari by Logic3 collections live up to the Ferrari promise of absolute excellence." Whether that means anything, probably depends on whether you think car designers who are used to having their ears blasted by wailing V-12 engines, are likely know anything about audio design.

The Ferrari by Logic3 collection will be available worldwide in April. Prices range from about $150 - $225 for the earbuds, $225 - $450 for the full sized headphones, and $600 - $900 for the dock speakers.

Ferrari by Logic3, via Crave

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