EV car looks like a Japanese toilet, but gets insane mileage

If you decided to take the design dynamics of a speedboat mixed with a fancy Japanese toilet and apply them to an electric vehicle, you just might get something as oddly futuristic looking as the Sim-Lei car.

Developed by a consortium of over 34 companies and researchers in conjunction with Japan's Keio University, the Sim-Lei was conceived as a way to push the upper limits of driving distances for electric vehicles by employing new aerodynamics, in-wheel motors during braking, and optimization of battery usage. The group claims the vehicle can travel the equivalent of 190 miles at about 60 mph using a 24.5 kilowatt battery.

And despite its weird looks, this isn't just a concept vehicle, it's actually scheduled to hit the streets next year. You can get a better look at the Sim-Lei in the video and gallery below.

Via Response & Diginfo

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