Easy-to-store scooter collapses down into an adorable box

This new electric scooter was designed with one thing in mind — giving you wheels that are easy to ride, park and store in urban environments. Hopefully, you are as single minded as the makers of this scooter because to accomplish this they've gone minimalist and pared down the bling to a minimum.

The BOXX electric vehicle is roughly a meter long and stands almost as tall. It weighs only 120 pounds and can carry one passenger (up to 300 pounds) up to 80 miles with a charge from a standard household outlet. Top speed is 35 mph.

It's also got drive-by-wire controls, all-wheel drive, traction control, anti-lock brakes, LED lights and an optional seat warmer. That's not a bad package for something that saves on gas and could easily store in your apartment!

And let's face it, the minimalist look is actually kind of cool. It comes in a variety of neon colors (safe and trendy!) and the shape lets your imagination run wild. It could be a rolling suitcase, a hard drive, big screen projector, battery pack…you name it.

Who needs a complicated design? You've got a modern esthetic and one practical, boxy little ride.

The BOXX starts at starts at $3,995.

Technabob, via Gizmodo

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