E Ink thinks its displays belong on pretty much everything

E Ink has been on a bit of a run lately, what with the whole e-book explosion. And it's easy to see why: E Ink offers inexpensive, ultra low power displays that are easy to read in direct sunlight. Does that mean that absolutely everything should have a handy little display on it? E Ink totally thinks so.

E Ink doesn't make products, but they do make E Ink displays. So a lot of the time, their job is to just suggest cool ways in which other people can (and occasionally should) be working their tech into consumer products. But that's fine, we're down with that, 'cause it means we get to take a look at what E Ink thinks the future holds for their medium.

Page through the gallery below and decide for yourself which of these concepts seems like a realistic and reasonable way to use an E Ink display. I'll give you a hint: it may not be the E Ink enabled baseball glove.

Via E Ink

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

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