Check out Lockheed Martin's badass 2030 fighter concept

We got a sneak peek at a couple sixth generation 2030 jet fighter concepts from Northrop Grumman and Boeing back in August, but they're not the only aerospace companies in the fighter game: this unnamed concept from Lockheed Martin is ready to join the party, too.

Seeing as this aircraft is barely a glimmer in LM's eye, there aren't a lot of details to get excited about. We do know that it's a Skunk Works project (so for all we know they've got one flying already) and according to Lockheed, we can expect such general awesomeness as "greatly increased speed, longer range, extended loiter times, multi-spectral stealth, ubiquitous situation awareness, and self-healing structures and systems." Er, what? Self-healing structures? Like that evil Terminator robot-thing from Terminator 2? Let's make sure we think this through, ok?

Lockheed's not even close to done yet, either. In fact, they've barely even started, since "next generation fighter capabilities will be driven by game changing technological breakthroughs in the areas of propulsion, materials, power generation, sensors, and weapons that are yet to be fully imagined." In other words, Lockheed Martin is saying that all kinds of crazy stuff could (and probably will) happen between now and 2020 or so, and even they don't have the faintest idea of what a 2030 fighter jet will be able to do. But at least we know one thing for sure: it'll look pretty freakin' sweet.

Via The Dew Line

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