Computerized toy blocks let kids build simple robots in seconds

As a child I loved my Erector Set and my Lego blocks, but children of today will have something even cooler to tinker with, robot blocks called Cubelets.

Each cube is designed to function in one of three ways: action, sensing and passive functions. Combining these variations of blocks together allows for the creation of a myriad of interesting robotic constructs, without any need for programming or robotics expertise. Perhaps the only thing more entertaining than the Cubelets is the video presenter who looks like some sort of super happy Swedish mad scientist (this is a good thing).

In reality the Cubelets are from the U.S. and originally dreamed up at Carnegie Mellon under the name "roBlocks." The set costs just $160 here, and you can see the Cubelets in action in the video below.

Via Hizook

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