Canadian teens with $400 launch the first Legonaut into space

Canada might not have much of a space program, but that could change once a couple of 17 year old schoolboys get into the workforce. Mathew Ho and Asad Muhammad managed to send a Lego Minifig out to the edge of space, and they did it with a budget of just $400.

To get there, the boys bought a surplus weather balloon for $85, slung a styrofoam box equipped with a few gel hand warmers underneath it, and added three point and shoot cameras along with a video camera.

After filling the balloon with $165 worth of helium from a party store, they sent Legonaut on his way, at which point he ascended to around 85,000 feet. That might not technically count as outer space, but it is about three times higher than commercial air traffic.

At that high altitude the balloon burst, and the whole shebang came crashing back to Earth. A GPS equipped cellphone in the box helped the boys to locate the craft, which landed about 75 miles from the Ontario launch site.

Perhaps next time they can step it up a bit, and send an entire Lego Space Shuttle in the skies.

Lego Man In Space (Facebook), via CNET

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