Make any old pair of speakers go wireless with Griffin's 'Twenty'

Somewhere buried in a closet or garage you have a pair of beloved old speakers you couldn't bear to part with. Why not use them to construct your own AirPlay iPhone/iPad speaker dock?

To accomplish this handyman feat, you'll need an Apple Airport Express router ($100) and this base station Griffin has dubbed "Twenty." Why name a product a number? Got me.

Anyway, you plug the AirPort Express into the top of the Twenty. On Twenty's are spring-loaded speaker posts. Just hook up a any pair of speakers you've got lying around and, voila, your own personal AirPlay dock.

Details are still a bit sketchy — I assume there's an amp inside, but I don't know how powerful. Twenty is so brand new Griffin don't have a price yet, which likely means you're unlikely to see it before the summer. And that's too bad, because I have a small set of old MB Quarts I've been dying to put to work.

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