Brain-on with Haier's mind-controlled TV

While every company is trying to beat Apple to the punch with motion and voice-controlled TV interfaces, Haier's working on something entirely different: mind-controlled TV.

Called the "Brain Wave TV," the 58-inch display shown at Haier's booth is a concept prototype that the company is working on.

To control the TV, you simply need to put on an EEG headpiece, make sure the attached arm is touching your forehead and then clip another piece to your earlobe. It's silly looking, for sure, but how else is the TV going to read your brain waves?

Then you stare at this TV:


Unfortunately, Haier didn't want to show anybody any TV interfaces, instead, opting to only allow demos for a mini game where you try to make a barrel explode by concentrating on it really hard.

Essentially, the EEG headpiece is reading electrical activity on your scalp, but because there's only one main sensor, it didn't particularly work too well.

My first attempt where I concentrated on the word by focusing on the word "fire" exploded the onscreen barrel quickly, but subsequent attempts were disappointing.

In the future, Haier hopes to incorporate the simple controls for changing the volume and switching channels. How does Haier plan to do so? It's not sure, but company reps say its R&D is working on it.

Haier reps say that there are no plans to bring this mind-controlled TV to the U.S., although they did say that they've sold a few commercial models to clients in China.

Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

All photos taken by Raymond Wong for DVICE.

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